A Cool Project that Needs Your Support: HabitRPG

Habit RPG

In life, there are things we have to do and there are things that we want to do. Rarely do these two categories overlap and I (like many of you out there) wish there was a way to get both types done. We can make lists, deadlines or whatever to put these goals in front of us, but at the end of the day we just don’t have the motivation to get it done! That is where Tyler Renelle’s HabitRPG comes in.

As a nerd and a guy who needs to get things done, I think this is awesome! In order for HabitRPG to become fully realized, Tyler is working on a mobile version as well as updates to the site. But he’s doing it all alone! That means he’s the only one there to manage server overloads, crashing plugins and user demands. A massive undertaking, Tyler has posted his project on Kickstarter to help raise money for it.

Pledge on Kickstarter!

Help Tyler finish and of course help yourself get things done!

What are your thoughts?

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