Halal Food Carts: What is Halal Food?

“Hey what do you want for lunch?”Halal

“I’m in the mood for some halal food.”

Living in New York City, you’ve probably heard this many times over the course of a week and immediately know what people are talking about. However, this same response is quite possibly the¬†vaguest¬†answer you could give in places like Riyadh, Damascus or Indonesia. Why is that? What really is “halal food?”

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The Homeless Women with Babies

I rarely look up from my school work when I’m on the train, but recently something has grabbed my attention and refused to let go: Homeless women carrying babies while pan-handling on the train. Are they really benign beggars in need of help or is there something else going on here?

Notice how I said “women” and not “a woman.” That’s right. I’ve seen more than one. In fact, the startling thing is, I think I’ve seen around five distinct women carrying a baby begging for money on the subway. It seems too strange to be a coincidence that suddenly all these women show up on the subway suddenly in need of money. But there are other things that smell fishy here. Continue reading