Productivity Series: Dual Monitor Setup

What you’ll need:

  • Your laptop
  • A second monitor (duh!)
  • A VGA, HDMI or other cable capable of connecting the two

Who this can help:

  • Students in high school and especially college
  • Professionals that do a lot of work on the computer

Welcome to the very first entry in the Productivity Series! Today we’re going to learn about why having two monitors is an excellent way to increase productivity. Are you a student who writes reports and constantly finds herself switching between the browser, word processor and PDF viewer? Are you a programmer always alt+tab’ing from an IDE to Stack Exchange to a console? What about a designer constantly running back and forth between PhotoShop, his gallery and his website? If you are any of these people or someone else that uses multiple programs at a time, then setting up two monitors can drastically improve your productivity. Continue reading